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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What forms of identification do you accept?

A: We accept:

-State Driver’s License

-State Identification Card

-Valid Passport

-Valid Military Identification Card

-Valid Prison Identification Card


All of the above forms of identification MUST not be expired, and MUST have a photo, date of birth, and full legal name.

If you have an EXPIRED form of identification:

You must present your expired identification along with your new temporary identification from the DMV. It cannot be a receipt, and it must contain your full legal name as well as an expiration date.

Q: Do you accept Debit or Credit cards?

A: Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards, however we do accept debit cards through a cashless ATM machine! Our debit system does charge a $3.50 service fee and goes by $5 increments. If your patient consultant has to round up to the nearest $5 during your transaction they will give you the difference from the round up in cash, however, we can not refund the $3.50 fee. We also have an in-store ATM machine as well!

Q: Do You Include Tax in Your Pricing?

A: Yes,  and for total transparency you can view our tax breakdown by clicking the link below!

Q: Do you accept Apple Pay/Mobile Payment?

A: No, we currently do not accept any form of mobile payment for in-store purchases.

Q: Do You Accept Product Returns?

A: We only accept returns on cartridges and disposables that have been damaged by a factory malfunction. The cartridge must be over half-way full and you must bring the original packaging and the itemized receipt.We do not accept returns on flower, concentrates, or edibles - all sales are final.

Q: Do You Need a Medical Recommendation to Shop?

A: If you are under 21 you will need a valid medical recommendation and a valid copy of identification.
If you are 21+ all you will need is a valid copy of photo identification.

Q: What Do I Need to Bring if I am a Caregiver / Purchasing for Another Patient?

A: You must bring a designation of caregiver form written by the patient’s treating physician and a valid form of identification. If you do not have a designation of caregiver form you MAY NOT make a purchase for anyone else but yourself.

Q: How Many Times Can I Purchase Daily / What is the Daily Limit I Can Purchase?

A: Each patient is allowed up to two transactions a day.

  • Daily flower limit: 28.5 grams (1 oz + .5g) TOTAL

  • Daily Concentrate Limit: 8 grams TOTAL

Q: Are Our Products Tested?

A: Yes! All of the cannabis products we carry are fully compliant and have been tested by a third-party laboratory to make sure they are safe for use / consumption and are tested for their potency levels as well.

Q: What Are Your Security Protocols?

A: We have on-site security during all hours of operation!
Upon arrival our guards will ask to see a valid copy of identification to check you in, then they will use a metal detector wand to verify you don’t have any items that could harm anyone or that would go against any US Bloom safety standards. The guard will the take you inside the building to shop.
Our security guards are here to ensure our staff and patients are safe and abide by Bloom protocols and standards.

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